In the global village that became the world we share, the social role of the Company, has a special relevance. How creative entity employment, generating wealth, must have as its main objectives:

  • the dignity of the human being, enhancing their welfare, not only of those who collaborate with it, but also to all others who in some way, it may be connected;
  • contribute incisive and sustained way, for socio-economic development of the region where it is implemented.
  • This has been, over the years, our company philosophy. Family-oriented company, TRANSBRANCA – Transport SA has guided his behavior, for strict compliance with its obligations, always trying to act, in all circumstances, with justice and humanism. As Chairman of its Board of Directors, I wish to express my grateful thanks:
  • To all current and former employees, because with their effort, hard work and dedication have helped us grow to reach the level where we are;
  • Our customers, suppliers more entities with whom over the years have private, because it also belongs to him a slice of our success.

Finally, a word of longing for Humbero Pereira. He also a founding partner. Companion of so many fights, so many victories, some defeats also in a common pathway with more than 50 years, that will never be forgotten and will remain alive forever in our memory. A. Silva Ferreira – President